Biblical times perfumery has been a highly desired

This question invariable pops up almost every time I lecture at a university or am interviewed by media. I used to be a bit arbitrary, almost opaque in answering. However, over the years the answer has come into sharp focus. The beauty product industry must be at the top of any list of entrepreneurial sweet spots for successfully launching and growing a start-up business.Since Biblical times perfumery has been a highly desired artisan industry. Local flora and fauna have been compounded into scents and potions that add beauty to the human body, the atmosphere and religious worship. Cleopatra was famous for her fragrant baths, the Bible is full of references to sacred fragrant oils and in modern times the fragrance industry has matured into an international, multi-billion dollar business. 마사지

And yet, every year, inspired entrepreneurs bring new scents to market. Aromatherapy has boomed as the science and awareness of the mental and wellness benefits of specific aromas has been researched. The process of creating a completely new scent, packaging, branding and delivering the consumer a product that offers a different fragrance perspective has never been easier.

One of the great entrepreneurial commercial success stories in the history of the perfume industry was the story of Giorgio. The eponymous fragrance was born in a single Rodeo Drive boutique, Giorgio’s, in Beverly Hills in the 1980’s. The scent, a clear break with popular fragrances of the time, was overwhelmingly powerful. The distinctive top note made the boutique a destination for shoppers as word of mouth travelled quickly about the unique warmth of the dried down fragrance notes of Giorgio.The Company did not have the necessary funds to launch nationally with major department stores. The owners decided to do a bit of guerrilla marketing. They started to place scent strips impregnated with the Giorgio scent inside of local magazines targeting high end consumers. The power of the scent leached from the magazines and newsstands became fragrance cocoons for the Company. Mail order sales exploded, the campaign was quickly expanded to national women’s fashion magazines and a direct mail business was set up solely to fulfill consumer demand.